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Dictionary (Naming conventions)

Holacracy Terms
We work as distributed power organization, not unlike a holacracy. It's important to note that we use the following terms on a regular basis: Please learn and use them.
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Recommendation Engine The engine that will be used to make recommendations to the child and platform as to where we should go next 
MVP Minimum Viable Product - For now does not include Recomendation Engine and Machine Learning 
Competency Node Skill Unit 
Storytelling Mode  
Exploration Mode  
Peer Location Mode  
Supervisory Mode  
ML Machine Learning 
Knowledge Type Lesson Academic Knowledge 
Skills Type Lesson Supplemental Education 
Skills Map see Universal Learning Map 
Universal Learning Map A open crowd sourced project to create a relational map of skills from basic to complex that represent all the skills required to be learnt. A good example of this is the Khan Academy Knowledge Graph.  
AI Artificial Intelligence - at Dev4x this refers to the Siri-like chat bot from Princeton AI 
Mesh Network Mesh networks wirelessly connects devices and computers to each other directly without passing through any central authority or centralized organization. 
POC Proof of concept - often a precursor to an MVP 
Circles  Several people working together as part of a particular role: Pedagogy, Tech, Communications… You can think of the circles as teams. 
Tensions  Gaps between the current reality and a potential you sense (opportunities, confusions, frustrations…) 
Proposal Instead of problems, we use proposals. If you've got a problem, think of a possible direction (opportunity, way to minimize damage, next step...) 
Showing 18 items