Welcome to the Moonshot Education Project Wiki
We are changing the lives of children that will never get a quality education and those that will never go to school. Those that live in poverty, disaster areas, conflict zones or in areas where open education is prohibited. Come join this community and help these children!

To get started follow the below three steps

Step One - Working as one

We are doing something that is wildly audacious, something that has not been done before, and we are doing it as a community. This means that communication is key, especially communication around our core principals. 

This is why we have crafted a Manifesto that guides our decision making and is therefore important to sign up to. You can read more about us on our website: www.dev4x.com

Step Two - How we work

In general the project's work and communications strategy follows the following flow (as seen in the image below):
  1. The general public and interested parties find out about us at www.dev4x.com
  2. From there, we hope to engage with people and encourage them to help our project and join our Wiki and discussions
  3. From there work is done on GitHub and Trello.
Step Three - Navigate site

The navigation of the wiki is split up into the main topics of the project. 

Get Started Guide
If you need getting started, see our