Welcome to Dev4X Educational Content Wiki! The purpose of this page is to provide information and facilitate collaboration on effort related to educational content development. We are building an educational platform and technology provides only half the answer. In order for us to provide education where access to regular schools or teachers is not available, the content we provide must be appropriate and of high quality. The following describes our goals:
  • To create a global framework for the collection, cataloging, tagging and structuring of content to be used within the platform. 
  • To create an authoring process that can be used globally. 
  • To build a framework for the creation and maintaining of multiple 'skill maps'. 
  • To create crowdsourced projects to help in these efforts.
  • To publish known deficiencies in content and encourage crowdsourced work to address those deficiencies.
How We Operate:
Our operational model is best described as core team lead community collaborative effort. A core team of technologists is responsible for providing direction, prioritization and governance for the platform development process.

How You Can Contribute:
  • Dev4X Forum - Join a discussion on our forum by responding to an existing discussion or starting a new topic. This is a good place to ask any questions from a wider community, validate your ideas and solicit advice or feedback on your current work. Here, you can also follow latest discussions and conversations related to platform technology. All Forum posts are public and will be visible by everyone. You will need to register with your Google profile in order to create new posts or respond to existing conversations.
  • Platform Mailing List - Subscribe to the Technology mail list in order to receive up to date information on our development efforts. As a subscriber, you will also be able to share your ideas and suggestions with a like-minded group.
  • Meeting Calendar - Please check here often for a schedule of upcoming community Hangouts, code releases and other events.
  • Trello Board - This is where we manage all relevant tasks and processes.
Current Tasks: 
  • Active: Find Content Partners.
  • Active: Find Open Educational Resource repositories and create a list, Find appropriate content for initial deployments and research what formats that content is in and if how/if we will need to amend the format.
  • Unassigned: Find mechanisms and examples of how others have created crowd sourced projects that we can leverage and learn from. A good example is: www.zooniverse.org. create a report that lists out the various options we have, the considerations we need to take into account and the recommendations you have.