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Content Community Meeting Notes, June 18 2015

posted Jun 18, 2015, 8:35 PM by Misha Eydman
1. Student Motivation - sandbox, multiplayer immersive environment
    - Kujitegemea map review - creating a world where early literacy could be taught through interactive play building up to higher level of knowledge
    - will be showing this to game experts to get an idea on feasibility and effort to implement
    - need to define specific mechanisms to provide learning aligned with EGRA/EGMA requirements
2. Crowdsourcing Content Authoring / Platform
    - will continue looking into various authoring systems
    - possibility of using Video as a mechanism has a lot of potential, but technically chanllenging
3. OER / Content Sources Review
    - not reviewed
4. Assessment Discussion
    - will need to have a discussion on offline LMS and potential of using Moodle
    - need a mechanism for assessing speech and pronunciation, however this may not be part EGRA
    - research indicates that continuous assessment has better accuracy and effect, the downside is tight integration with content, resulting in more complex authoring workflow
    - will look at other assessment approaches (Stanford)