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Pedagogy Community Meeting Notes, July 2 2015

posted Jul 2, 2015, 3:08 PM by Misha Eydman
1. Creating the infrastructure for global content authoring 
    a. motivation, how to reach potential contributors
        - it will be hard to motivate Swahili speaking teachers to create unique content, however we may be more successful in asking them to translate existing English content
        - existing program providing 10 free licenses for Adobe Captivate, may use as means to motivate content creation while learning the tool
        - existing LinkedIn, Facebook groups which can be approached with intro to content authoring tools by means of learning how to use them
        - High School students can potentially be approached with creation of content?
    b. tools (H5P, Tiddlywiki, Adobe Captivate, Adobe Presenter, Adapt Learning, Z etc.) 
        - resulting content must be: Responsive, HTML5
        - formats we can use (TinCan, SCORM) 
        - create WiKi describing what and how for content authoring so that anyone could help us create content based on that information. Include: Styleguide, Skill Node mapping
        - create templates to work across most popular authoring tools
        - create a lesson from YouTube video: http://ed.ted.com/

2. Skills Map 
    - format and process 
    - mapping EGRA 

3. Kujitegemea 
    a. continue discussion on how to enable this idea 
        - environment providing real life experience intermingled with concepts related to academic learning
        - how do we localize this to be culturally understood all over the world? - there may be enough globally understood concepts which a generic enough to include in every localization.
        - another option is creating a phone simulation which can be used to provide educational experience famiar to most
        - how do we validate this idea? sketch it with focus groups?
    b. can we map this to individual skill sets?    
    c. prototype concept through sketches