Welcome to Dev4X Technology Wiki Section! 
Thank you for your interest in helping us achieve our vision. Please read all information carefully in order to understand how we work and how you can contribute. The Wiki has been established to facilitate collaboration between all team members and volunteers working together on Dev4X platform development. If you are not familiar with what we are doing, please visit our public website first: www.dev4x.com. In the Technology section you will find information related to the following areas:
  • Product Features - details on how our platform works, what kind of functionality we are building and what it looks like form user's perspective.
  • Platform Architecture  - high-level technical design concepts, details on external projects which we are integrating into the platform.
  • How to Work with Us (this page) - there are multiple ways to connect with us and start contributing to this project.
  • Project Streams (this page) - here, we list all major areas of the platform which require distinct areas of expertise.
  • Current Needs (this page) - this list will be updated on regular basis and indicate areas where we need help the most.

How To Contribute:
We work as a large distributed team comprising of a small core team which contributes significant amount of time to the project and has subject matter expertise in specific areas of the platform, and a larger community of volunteers who provide time and effort under the control of the core team. The following describes various ways you can connect with the team:
  • Join Us Form - if you have not done this already, we ask that everyone interested in contributing to the project in any way, please complete the Join Us Form on our website and indicate which areas interest you most as well as which skills would you like to share with us.
  • Dev4X Forum - Join a discussion on our forum by responding to an existing discussion or starting a new topic. This is a good place to ask any questions from a wider community, validate your ideas and solicit advice or feedback on your current work. Here, you can also follow latest discussions and conversations related to platform technology. All Forum posts are public and will be visible by everyone. You will need to register with your Google profile in order to create new posts or respond to existing conversations.
  • Platform Mailing List - Subscribe to the Technology mail list in order to receive up to date information on our development efforts. As a subscriber, you will also be able to share your ideas and suggestions with a like-minded group.
  • Meeting Calendar - Please check here often for a schedule of upcoming community Hangouts, code releases and other events. Our meeting notes form previous Hangouts are available here.
  • Trello Board - This is where we manage all high level technology and product related tasks. Think of this as a visual project management tool.
  • GitHub Repository - all our code is available here. If you are interested in contributing to the development effort, please read through our Code of Conduct and make sure you agree to our Contributor License Agreement (CLA)

Projects Streams: 
  • Platform Architecture - this is an overall effort to design and architect a scalable and flexible platform. In this effort, we discuss long-term platform strategy, technology choices and project methodologies.
  • Learning Map Website - our Universal Learning Map is a collaborative effort to create a global database of all possible learning concepts or skill nodes, linked together through multiple relationships representing various curricula. This effort includes creating an online portal to facilitate map creation. This website is being built using Neo4j graph database with a JavaScript driven UI based on Linkurious library.
  • Platform Development - our main development effort is being done using Agile methodology with weekly Spring meetings and 3-week cycles. We review stories created by product owners in the backlog and assign them based on availability and skills.
  • Kuji Game - this effort involves adding a gamification layer on top of our platform in order to create a more interactive and engaging experience.
  • Content Portal - Dev4X Learning Portal will serve as an online repository for educational content curated through a number of channels, including OER, Original Content, VideoBooks and other educational material available through external resources. We are currently using Moodle as our LMS in order to collect these resources.

Current Needs: 
    • Android Developer - if you have experience developing android applications, especially using open source projects please reach out to us.
    • Mobile Game Developer - we are looking for people familiar with game development for mobile platforms. If you have worked with such game engines as Godot, Cocos or others, please contact us.
    • Database Expert - we are currently working on implementing various databases in both server and mobile environments. Please reach out if you are familiar with Neo4j or CoachDB.
    • Product Manager - we need to create and document user stories relating to various aspects of platform functionality. We are looking for self-driven experts who can help us flash out complex features of our platform.
    • Front-end Developer - expert in responsive websites and familiar with latest approaches in user interface implementation.

    If the above does not provide you enough information on how to start contributing to this project or if you have otherl technical and product related questions, please send and email to misha at dev4x dot com.