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Tech Community Hangout Notes, July 23 2015

posted Jul 24, 2015, 2:47 PM by Misha Eydman
Proposed discussion points with comments taken during the meeting:

1. Creating a marketplace for OER content.
- Zondle.com - a good example of collaborative educational tool, can help us with assessment creation
- Copyright infringement issues - current industry standard is to shift responsibility to content authors, if infringement is found, they are responsible for notifying us
- A large concern on how this will impact offline content, which can't be easily pulled once deployed in the field
2. Implementing Kujitegemea.
- 2D vs 3D environment - majority believes 2D is significantly easier to implement and may be easier to digest for those without prior computer literacy
- Voxels are becoming very easy to implement in HMLT5 and mobile environment, voxel.js library
- Complex animations take time to create, we'll need to concentrate on simple dynamic interactions
- Symbolic environment representations are better than complex structures, leaves more to imagination
- Maps will need to be procedurally generated