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Platform Architecture

This section of the Wiki is dedicated to Dev4X Learning Platform Architecture. We are trying our best to document all aspect of the platform, however as typically standard in Agile development environment, all documentation may be a few weeks or even months behind.

High Level System Design:
The following diagram illustrated high-level system design for the platform. It consists of the following components:

System Diagram
  1. User Interface (Exploration & Storytelling UI) - primary UI components, rendering elements visible to the user.
  2. User Profile / Offline LRS - user profile storage, including learning progression and customizable preferences.
  3. Learning Map Data - database containing Learning Map data used to generate recommendations.
  4. Content Storage & Delivery (Search) / LMS - component responsible for identifying proper content material based on metadata.
  5. Content Playback - multiple players and readers capable of reading various content available on the platform (Video, PDF, ePUB, H5P, HTML, etc.)
  6. Text Synthesis & Phonemic Helper - responsible for generating text to speech functionality available wherever text is displayed.
  7. Voice Recognition / AI - 
  8. Recommendation Engine / Machine Learning - responsible for generating content and skill recommendations based on users' progression and preferences.
  9. Mesh Networking - networking functionality enabling peer-to-peer / collaborative learning as well as content updates from nearby devices.
  10. Data Encryption
  11. Data Synchronization