About Us: 
Welcome to Who Section! The purpose of this Wiki is to provide information about who is working on the platform, establish strategic partnerships, build a community and establish various crowd sourced initiatives. We are an open source project working on creating a sustainable team structure and funding model. We are also open to suggestions on how we can organize ourselves in a way which will make us efficient and flexible without creating a rigid formal structure.
Dev4X Functional Organization

Organizational Structure:
In an effort to create an organization which will not be limited by traditional formal hierarchies and structures, we are looking at various organizational approaches which can provide us more flexibility and motivate team member engagement, which still allowing a degree of order necessary for successful long term operations. Functional organizational structure is one of the way we are looking at how to do this. The diagram on the left represents our main areas of operations and how various efforts fall within these categories. Here is a more detailed breakdown:

  • Technology and Platform Development - this domain will include areas of interest such as Product Management, Interface Design, Systems Architecture, Core and Specific Technologies, including Mesh Networking, Voice Recognition, Educational Metadata and others.
  • Educational Content Authoring and Curation - this includes all content related efforts, ideas on cognitive development, universal skills tree and educational aspects of platform development.
  • Fundraising, Marketing & PR - the primary purpose of this community will be to help us raise funds needed for operations and deployment, as well as collaborate on marketing and public relations effort which will help increase public awareness and support of our project.
  • Operations & Logistics - if you are interested in helping us with deployment or to define how we operate, how to structure the global community and how to run things, this is the area where you can voice your opinion or provide a suggestion.
How You Can Contribute:
  • Would you like to suggest how we can structure ourselves? Join the discussion on our dedicated Forum Topic and post your suggestion there.
  • If you are interested in becoming a member of our team, please fill out a form on this page -  www.dev4x.com/partner-with-us
Current Tasks: 
  • Active: find additional volunteers, core team members and potential partners.
  • Active: Find partners that want to collaborate. 
Core Team: 
  • Bodo Hoenen - bodo@dev4x.com
  • Misha Eydman - misha@dev4x.com
  • Miles Lasater
  • Jeff Bennett
  • Sam Seidenberg
  • Matthew McGinn
  • Jacob McOwan

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