Core Team: 
  • Bodo Hoenen (role) -
  • Misha Eydman (role) -
Our Goals: 
  • To document the reasons why the team is taking part in this project. 
  • To research and collect the global reasons why we need to tackle this project. 
  • To envision the result of our work's progress throughout our 10 year mission.
Current Tasks: 
  • Active: Creating and sharing content about the project that is easily understood by the general public
  • Active: Creating Metrics for success: Find Global reasons why this is important. Find research, videos, causes, statistics that could help document and illustrate the issues. Then create the metrics that relate to these issues and how we can measure our effectiveness at addressing these issues. 
  • Unassigned: Graphic designer to help create shareable images and other material.
How You Can Contribute: